Why Russia Technological innovation & Economic value 2021

 Why Russia will Remain a persistent Global power

In any discussion around the world today russia To majority of foreign affairs experts see Russia as a “Declining power”. Joe Biden One study called Russia such an economy Which has nothing but “nuclear weapon and oil wells”. One of the major objective of the Biden administration’s foreign policy is to contain the rise of china.


Washington national security focus, even more than in times like climate change and the covid-19 pandemic, is on one things, it is to curb Beijing’s growing global influence. Today in US foreign policy, the question of Dealing with russia has taken a “Black seat”. Since the end of Cold war, the us politicians always downplays the Russian power. In 2014 president obama said about russia ” a regional power ” and dismissed.

Stagnant economy of Russia


Russia Natural resources to export and extraction Depends on. Most of the Russian economy is dominated by corruption infested state-controlled enterprises. Not only this, but lack of talent, underfunding and bureaucratic mismanagement hinder technological innovation. For this reason, Russia today, on equal footing in scientific and technological development, lags far behind the US and china.

Dwindling Russian economy may not support her aggressive foreign policy stance at international arena. This data not see a product details. Only highlight her weakpoint. Unfortunately Russia economy today stagnant position. The $1.5 trillion Russian economy at the market rate is equal to the GDP of italy and Texas, one of the US. IT originally based calculated on market exchange rate.if see this purchasing power parity then  this value 4.1 trillion. Which russia To Europe second largest value And in the world 6 largest economy. It looks like a database economy is not bad. Also, the raw power of a country cannot be measured by the size of it’s GDP alone.

2014 international sanctions imposed on russia post- crimean annexation caused negative impacts on Russian economy. Then, Russian government reduced her spending and reduced her oil prices create a budget surplus. According latest estimate October 2021 russia national wealth point value $191.02 Billion. If so 2014 That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there79.97 billion Was.

Talk about foreign reserve today it’s value $615 billion. That 2014 it value was $500 million . International sanctions response Brought by old substitution policy Own agriculture sectors Brought new life in. His agriculture exports value Growing up today $30 Billion anually It’s over. Then kremiln reduced her to Western side now focus on china east side. China today asia’s no 1 trading partner. Expected it’s 2024 By the time $200 billion cross Will be done.

Excessive Dependence on oil &Natural Gas

If talk about oil and gas resources of russia then russian oil and gas sales constitute nearly 30-40% of the Russian governments budget. Russia produced in low price her don’t afforded any reduction of this budget. Russia is the major exporters of oil, Gas and other energy resources to the European county. 41% Natural gas, 27% oil and 47% soild fossil fuel russia Is in. Does this depend on Europe in Russia? russia ର Great power here to stay.

Technological innovation of Russia

Despite lagging behind in technological innovation, russia is still one of the top spender on research- and – Development.russia  struggling but  wobble technology sector.russia devloped her domestic version like  Facebook Google and other popular platforms. Technology already a major roleplay in Russia. Russia need to boost it’s technological innovation in order to stey influential in the international arena. High research  spending  instumantial role play for this Technological innovation. 

Domestic Doom of Russia 

Russia Democratic outlook Hers future capability to badly constants. Welfore cast according in 2050 Russian population may seen a shrinkage by 7 -11% of its current size. Dont forget this talk matter quality no population. But in context of population, a healthy demography is way more important than unhealthy, uneducated population. If all things are equal then he create go Whose population all healthy she her comparison of competitor he grows fully first. In terms of life expectancy and mortality,even Russia is lagging behind of it’s western counterparts ,it has improved significantly.russia has improved significantly on Human Development Index 

Russia has also been facing issues of Brain drain as many talented people are leaving the country.she cover up former Soviet republic union job seeking ingredients. It democratic outlook us and other countries same problemtic. 

Military Might of Russia 

Russia military

Military one of strength of Russia. The powerful russian military compensate Russia’s undiversified economy, shrinking demography technical backward ness ,etc.it one big reason to Russia create in past heavy strong economy to compitar Britain and USA. He continues sustain a long time with usa and Britain. Even NATO has emerged as a formidable military alliance, it still cannot deter russian armed forces in conventional warfare.russian military readyness , mobility, capability in the top last 10 year compair to today you can see a high level. Russian army is healthy and we’ll balanced mix of special forces, mercenaries and military intelligence operatives.russia leading country in the filed of space and cyberwarfare capability. 

In things recent example solar wings bridge in the face. Russian hacker hacking usa govt some agency. Purchasing power of Russia . Russia spends in tune of $150 billon – 180billion in the defence sector alone. More than half of it’s defence budget goes to procurement of new weapons and modernising the old weapons. He invest in military technology and military research project. Use this general budget Russia military complex today create hypersonic missile created some Direct energy weapons like Lazor eletic warfare system advance submarine , integrated air defence  and anti satelite weapons sucessfully devloped. Despite economic recession ,low oil prices and international sanction ,Russia has been able to maintain the defence expenditure.

Putin’s problem 

Most of foreign affairs experts predict that russian foreign policy might go less offensive after Putin step down.first according to a referendum conducted in Russia, Putin is set to remain at the office till 2036. Due to societal hegemonic mindset ,even if Putin exits ,the foreign policy objective of Russia will remain the same. 

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