What is Android Auto? Things you should know

Driving a car safely us always recommended to all the users and it will be happen only when you are not operating your Android phone at that time. That’s why Google has put an effort to launch an Android Auto app for the car users so that they can use their phone easily while driving. This app helps in connecting your phone with the car infotainment display and can operate all the functions of an Android on that display easily.

What is Android Auto and how it works?

Android Auto is a software program, which is mainly installed in the latest model cars so that the uncertainties can be prevented. This software program will get easily connect with our Android phone and can display all the things. If your car has an Android Auto app then you can easily connect with the help of a USB cable or can also connect through Bluetooth. The interface of your Android phone will appear on the screen and users can operate without any issues. So let us know about some helpful features of Android Auto.

What is Android Auto and how it works?
What is Android Auto and how it works?

# Google Map Navigation

Android Auto is a Google software so it will be always very helpful in navigation of the place where you want to go. It will be easier for the users to view the routes on the infotainment display and all the functions can be easily operated with a voice command. Users can also add points in the route for more convenience and they will also get to know about real-time traffic alerts.

Google Map Navigation
Google Map Navigation

# Message and Calls

Yes, you heard right that Android Auto will also helpful in receiving message and calls. Users will be able to listen to the message that arrive and can also send any type of message with a voice command. The calling will also be easier on Android Auto, just give a command and enjoy hand-free calling easily.

Android Auto Message and Calls
Android Auto Message and Calls

# Google Assistant

Android Auto will also help in placing the calls or do any other activity without touching the infotainment display. You can tell Google Voice Assistant to show the route of a particular place and it will take you to the exact destination without headache of changing the settings again and again.

# Android apps

The features of Android Auto are not over here, users can also operate many other Android apps with the help of Android Auto. Users can run music on Spotify and many other streaming apps. It also supports many other messaging app services like WhatsApp, Facebook, and some more. So it will be very convenient for the users to run Android Auto in their car.

Which Android Phones are compatible with Android Auto?

Today, we all are using the latest version of Android phones. So let me clarify that you should have the Android version 6.0 or later if you want to connect to the Android Auto app. If you have Android 10.0 or later then there is no need to install any app but if you have a bit older version Android phone then you have to install Android Auto app on your Android device. Apart from that, users also need to have a USB cable to connect the device, as there are also some ways through which the connection can be made wireless.


So that’s all about Android Auto, which is a very convenient option for car users to operate their Android device without any hassles. We have given all the information related to it, still, if you have something to ask then you can tell us in the comment section.

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