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We all know that February is a love month, many peoples are waiting for this month. As we know, on 14th February, there is Valentine Day. Valentine’s Day is always special for the love birds in which the couples spend some time with themselves and do something romantic gossips.

But let me tell you that all these things start from the starting of valentine week. Valentine week is from 7th February to 14th February. The couples need to prepare for the whole week and every day has different importance. The whole week is meant to be the celebration of love. Let us have a look at it –

Valentine Week List 2022 Dates Schedule Full List 7th-14th February
Name of Festival Valentine’s Day
Also Known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine
Observed by People in many countries;
Catholic Church
Anglican Communion
Lutheran Church
Type Christian, romantic, cultural, commercial observance
Significance Feast day of Saint Valentine; the celebration of love and affection
Observances Sending greeting cards and gifts, dating, church services
Date February 14
Valentine Week List Rose, Propose, Chocolate, Promise, Teddy, Hug and Kiss Day

Valentine’s Day Week List 2022

So here is the list of Valentine’s Day Week List.

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valentine day gift 2022

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# Rose Day ( 7th February)

The starting of the week happens with a Rose Day in which the couples greet each other with a Rose for the starting of love. We can also say that it is like the preparation of the Propose day, which is on the next day.

So you need to make the calendar on 7th February with Rose Day. As, Rose is the symbol of silent love, which reaches directly to the heart. This information is for those persons who are unknown about the day. Make sure that you need to be presentable, as it is the beginning of the love and the first impression is the last impression. A greeting card with a rose is a great option.

Rose Day

# Propose Day ( 8th February)

Now the next is Propose day in which a person will propose to her lover and the amazing thing about this day is that it is a fearless day. If a person is proposing to a girl and if she denies then don’t worry and you should not have to keep any hard feelings about it.

So we are recommending if you are seriously loving someone then there will be no other best day than this day. Just go ahead and finger cross for the positive reply. Just mark the date and be prepared for the amazing day of your life. You can also bring a ring with you for a better impression.

Propose Day

# Chocolate Day (9th February)

Chocolates are always sweet just like love. On this day, the couples greet each other with some amazing chocolates. As it will also lift up their mood and make your relationship stronger.

As we know Chocolate is a symbol of love and that’s why Chocolate Day is a great thing to make your Valentine stronger. So, just mark the date 9th February to greet some amazing chocolates to your loved ones and spread some love. Girls always like chocolates and boys always know their favorite chocolates. So don’t forget to bring the chocolates, which your partner likes.

Chocolate Day

# Teddy Day (10th February)

Teddy Day has equal importance that Valentine Day has because Teddy is the best option to gift your partner. As we know Girls always like Teddy and it will be a great thing to express your love.

Girls love Teddy from their childhood and when they will get a Teddy on this day then it will be a great thing for them and it is a perfect thing to spread your life with your partner. A greeting on this day can impact more, so also bring a greeting card with a Teddy.

Teddy Day

# Promise Day ( 11th February )

Now it comes Promise Day when the couple has to do a promise to their partner that they can fulfill for their better relationship. A Promise matters a lot in a relationship so always do a promise with a golden heart, let God will do better for you.

Users just need to keep the date mark because you need to make a promise that you have to fulfill in the future, as it impacts your relationship. A Promise is everything that matters because if you broke it then there is no meaning of Sorry, so just prepare for it.

Promise Day

# Hug Day (12th February )

A very important day for a serious relationship where a person has to hug her partner tightly that can be remembered for a long time. A Hug tells how you care for your partner so express your hug deeply.

This is very close to your Valentine and how many hugs you are giving to your partner, it also matters. Users just need to mark this day, as it is a very important day for their lives where they will get to hug their partner deeply and can know more about each other.

Hug Day

# Kiss Day (13th February)

After Hug day, now a very embracing day comes, which is Kiss Day. On this day, the couple needs to clear all the embracement by kissing each other.

Men need to take care of them and kiss them on their forehead, which shows how respectful and caring you are about them. For Women, just surprise them with a hot and wet kiss directly on her lips. It will be a very surprising moment for both of them. So just mark this date and be prepared for an intimating day.

Kiss Day


Finally, the day came for you all are waiting for. This day is for both of you where both of you have to show how much you both care for each other. This is the day where you have to show how creative you are.

The day is the most important day of this love week, now don’t wait for anything. You just need to express your love at this moment to spread your love.

Valentine Day


So this is the Valentine Day’s Week List, just keep all the day and their meaning in mind if you are in a serious relationship because these things will matter a lot in your relationship.


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