Eid Ul Fitr in India

We are living in a country where we celebrate many festivals. As we have different religions and every religion has some importance. From Hindus to Muslims, we celebrate our festivals in delight. So there is an amazing environment in the whole country when we celebrate.

Just like that Eid is very popular festival of Muslims, who have a huge population in our country. At this festival, Muslims do a lot of joy with their peoples and relatives. They do a lot of expenses at this time and also help the needy peoples. They distribute clothes and many other food items to the needy peoples so that they can also celebrate this festival joyfully.

Eid Ul Fitr

Eid is celebrated to break the fast and the thing is that it is celebrated differently in other countries. In some countries, it is celebrated for three days but in India, it is celebrated for one day. There is a complete holiday for all the government schools, colleges, and offices.

Eid Ul Fitr word is derived from the Arabic word. On this day peoples break their fast after a month and can eat whatever they want. They have a complete break for 30 days, which is called Ramzan month. Then after a month, no one is allowed to keep a fast on that day. This fast starts on the first day of the month Shawwal, which is called Eid.

The main celebration for this festival starts at the starting of Shawwal month in which all the Muslim people buy new clothes for them and their family. They started cleaning their house and workplace so that it can look attractive. There is a very popular sweet dish prepared at this time, which is named Sheer Khurma. On Eid, they start their morning with a bath then they wear some new clothes and then they go to the Mosque. There, they meet with their peoples and then they start praying Allah. They have to wear clothes according to that to show some purity.

Ramzan Id/Eid-ul-Fitar Observances

Year Weekday Datee
2019 Wed Jun 5
2020 Mon May 25
2020 Mon May 25
2021 Fri May 14

Why Muslims do Fasting on Ramzan?

Ramzan is also known as Ramadan month, which is considered to be a holy month. It is believed that at this time, Prophet Mohammad got Quaran. So those who believe in fasting, show their trust by doing proper fasting. Users don’t eat or drink any thing from sunrise to sunset.

As we have already said that Ramzan is a holy month and people believe in spirituality. As they show their trust with pure fasting and this fasting is done for the whole month. This fasting is not done by all the peoples, it is not done by the pregnant ladies, sick peoples, and all those peoples who can sacrifice food from their diet.

The act of fasting is meant to remind Muslims of the less fortunate and to reinforce the need to be thankful. As one of the five pillars, or duties, of Islam, fasting during the month of Ramadan is mandatory for all healthy adult Muslims

Eid Ul Fitr in India

Eid Ul Fitr in India will be celebrated on 14th May 2021 and there will be great preparations in the whole country. It is also meant that at this time, no Muslim can wear old clothes. As it is considered that they have not to see their budget at this time and can spend a good amount for the preparation of this festival.

They will ready their house with some brilliant lights and some amazing attractions. There is an amazing rush in the market at the time of Ramzan. Peoples start their purchasing and buy many clothes for them and their relatives. They also start distributing some gifts and clothes to the needy peoples because they mean that

Allah will watch them at this time and that’s why they have to be positive in all the ways.

Eid is the most popular festival of Muslim peoples, they also make Siwaiyan at this time. They eat Siwaiyam and also distribute it among their friends and relatives. All the peoples leave their work for one or two days so that they can enjoy their main festival without any disturbance. This is a very big festival and there is a government holiday on this day so that a community can enjoy to the fullest. All the people in Mosque hugs each other and give blessings by saying Eid Mubarak and spend a lot of time together.

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