Odisha – How developed a Disaster state last 30 Year

How odisha Transforming it self one of the most developed state in India

Disaster management in Odisha

Odisha- How devloped a Disaster State last 20 years
Odisha- How devloped a Disaster State last 20 years

How odisha Transforming it self one of the most developed state in India Disaster management in Odisha In this odisha people face to the cyclone yaas in may months. In this disaster UN disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) Chief mami mizutori appreciate in Odisha disaster management and he awarded odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik. All odisha people proud for this award. No of this one, in last year central appreciate odisha in covid-19 management (pandemic). Are you see in last 30 years, 1999 cyclone palying tandav in odisha. More than 10,000 people lives lost due to the cyclone.1995-2000 servere political instability and standing at the extreme low development stage. Odisha transfrom it self, today seen with hope across the country and the world. We can surprised How odisha transfrom it self.in this article read odisha journey and know how meny step to developed odisha it self.

Besic Knowledge population, religion our national anthem in fourth line – utkal Now Odisha. Odisha is 8th largest state of India. Located in eastern India. In bay of Bengal 85 km cost line connected west bangal , jharkhand, chhatisgarh, telengana, andra pradesh share her border. Odisha land cover 1,55,707 square k.m population around 4.68 crores Out of it 83% people live in rural area. Odisha’s population 93.6% following Hinduism in religion Christianity follow by 2.77% and islamic 2.16 % follower following her religion. Vast tribal present in odisha, 75 vulnerable tribal groups in India out of which 13 live in Odisha. Total population out of 22.85% tribal population belonging in this state. With 62 tribal communities most diverse tribal groups can seen in Odisha.the Gond and khand prominent among the tribal groups of the state. This state literacy rate 72.9% india literacy rate 77.7%.

Odisha state war history

Odisha ancient name in Mahabharata and vayu puran called Kalinga . Most relevant of Kalinga ashok had attacked this religion in 261 BC. This war name is Kalinga war and this war 100000 people lost their Life due to war situation. Then king ashok affected of war death he sacrificed violence way and he chose non-violence , boudha Dharma.. Present pakistan Shahbaz grahi and mansehra make by king ashok rock edit mentioned Kalinga war, imfact of ashok.After Ashok then Jain king,kharbela , nepoleon of India samudra Gupta king sasanka rule see odisha. After eastren Ganga dynasty was established. Eastern Ganga dynasty also ruled odisha and built famous temple such as jagannath temple and konark sun temple. In 1568 ,Bengal sultanate annexed the province and it was given to Marathas by the Nawab of Bengal aliverdi khan. The British occupation of the province was done after the second Carnatic war.After second Anglo maratha war in 1803 ,the British annexed the northern and western district of odisha in the Bengal presidency.Bihar & odisha province was separated from the Bengal presidency on 1st April 1912 and odisha was made a separate province on 1 April. 1936

Art and culture History of odisha

Odisha’s oldest exitig temple

parashurameshvara temple was built in the 7th-8th century Dedicated to Lord Shiva.Kalinga architecture found on this temple. Lingaraj temple located in Bhubaneswar built by somavanmsi dynasty in 11th century and was expanded by Ganga rulers.this temple made by jajati keshari in 11 century.other 15 temple on this compound enclosed a Big wall. This temple central dp Samarpeeth of lord Shiva and lord Vishnu. Specialties of this temple Hinduism two sections shaivism and Vaishnavism mix in the place. Near Bhubaneswar located rajarani temple fully different compair to other temple. Rajarani temple in Bhubaneswar was earlier known as Indreshwar temple.this temple under no any image this temple Hinduism specific section not associated.but temple out side you can see lord Shiva , Natarajan, parvati culture Besic classified shaivism temple. This temple made by somabanshi kingdom in 11th to 12th century.

Khajurao temple and totesvara temple architecture match with this temple architecture. Now we have talk about odisha’s World Famous temple Jagannath Temple located at puri. Jagannath temple established by ganga dynasty king Anantavarman Deva in 12th century. This mandir decided to lord vishnu ( lord Jagannath ). Also known as ‘yamanika tirth’ and “white Pagoda” The temple has the belief that the power of the god of death “Yam” does not work here. It is one of the four temples of the Hindus. The other three temples were Badrinath, Dwarka, Rameshwaram. In front of this temple is an Arun pillar. Which was originally housed in the Konark Sun Temple. This is the most important place for Vaishnavism. Such as Ramanuchaya, Madhvachaya, nimbarkacharya.
Inspired by Lord Jagannath, the founder of Gaud Dharma, Chaitnya Mahaprabhu spent his life in Puri. The chariot ride associated with Jagannath is world famous.
During this journey, Lord Jagannath, Lord Baladhadra, Lord Subhadra are taken in a chariot and taken to their aunt’s mother. Each year, the procession attracts more than 10 million people. The Sun Temple in Konark is located 35k.m from the temple. The temple was built in 1258 by Narasimha 1 of the Ganga dynasty. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Surya. Konark sun temple was included in the UNESCO World heritage sites list in 1984.While some blame natural disasters for the dilapidated condition of the Konark temple, others say they are responsible for the attacks by Muslim troops.
The chandrabhaga mela is held here in February every year. In addition, lalitgiri, udyagiri, ratnagiri, 100km from Bhubaneswar, are known as diamond triangles. These three places on the banks of the great river are called Buddhist learning places. 40k from Berhampur. Boudhakhola is still famous today.

Natural resources of Odisha.

If we talk about resources, Odisha is a prosperous state. The state has no shortage of water, forests, land and mineral resources. If we look at water resources, how many small and large rivers flow in Odisha?
The most important of the rivers is the Mahanadi. Which is out of Chhattisgarh’s AmaranthkanthMerged with the Bay of Bengal. 858k. The famous hirakud dam is made in Sambalpur, Odisha. The dam was completed in 1953. The Indrabati Dam in Jeypore is built on a mahanadi. Along with Mahanadi, there are subarnrekha, baitarani, budhabalanga, brahmani, rishikulya, etc. in Odisha.

Land resources of odisha

Odisha is divided into 3 parts according to land. Central mountain class, westren hill region and costal plain region.Odisha’s central mountain region started north east to south-west direction. Mayurbhanj to Malkangiri has spread. Similarly, the western hill region is located on the left bank of the river and the central mountain religion west directions. The costal plain region of Odisha touches the western mountain from the eastern part of the bay of Bengal. The area extends from the Subarnarekha in the north to Rishikulia in the south. All the rivers in Odisha are Costal plain regions and merge into the sea.Odisha received rainfall from northwest as well as south east monsoon. State geography cal please support every forest.odisha has a 32% forest cover on its entire geographical area. You can find Evergreen, monsoon, ITidal, mountain forest in odisha.They all count Odisha in an important state. Teak, sal, Bambo, shisu, Khaira are the major trees in the state.

Mineral resources of odisha

Ironore, manganese, choromite, bauxite and Lime stone are available in large quantities in many parts of the state.
Ironically 28%, coal 24%, bauxite 59%, choromite 98% resources are available in odisha.

Iron ore available in district – mayurbhanj, sundargarh, keonjhar, jajpur district.Bauxite – koraput, rayagada, kalahandi and bolangir district.

odisha has the world’s fourth largest reserve of bauxite.

Manganese ores- sundargarh, sambalpur, rayagada district famous for manganese.

Odisha’s jharsuguda, angul region large coal reserve found. In the state sundargarh district found

dolomite in Big quantity. Along with these are chaina clay, fire clay, Limestone, Quartz, China clay, Graphite, vanadium and precious stone found in this state.

Issue faced by Odisha

Despitee a considerable reserve of mineral resources, odisha is considered one of the “BHIMROU” States. Odisha’s development challenges are multidimensional ranging from economic to ecological. Odisha has a large population of sc and st s who have been deprived of growth and development for decades.The Odisha government was founded in 1983 with a poor percentage of 60 to 79% of st and sc.out of the entire population 51 to 55% .Poverty rate is relatively high in SCs and STs than the other groups of population. During 1999-2000,47.15% of Odisha’s population were below the poverty line which is higher than the national figure of 26% .Odisha has also been facing challenges such as lack of Besic education and illiteracy.

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