iphone 13 pro features (premiumplox)

iphone 13 pro features

Many people are waiting for iPhone 13 Pro and finally it was launched by Apple on September 14th. The wait is over it is the right time to know more about iPhone 13 Pro. It is necessary to know about its price and design so that we can decide whether you should buy it or not.


If you have seen 12 series then you will be able to get many things similar in this iPhone 13 Pro. It comes with a Ceramic Glass Shield for extra protection, which was also available in 12 series. Now the company is claiming that they have deceased the Notch up to 20%, so users will get more space to use this phone.

This iPhone 13 Pro is a bit thicker from its last version, this phone has a thickness of 7.63 mm. It has a wide 6.1-inch display that comes with Super XDR displays, which is the main Apple OLED technology. This phone has 60Hz refresh rate so that gaming and other operating functions will be amazing to use. It also comes with MagSafe that will be helpful to use the other accessories that you got while buying iPhone 12 series.

iphone 13 pro Display
iphone 13 pro Display


This phone has a 12MP wide camera and also a 12 MP wide shooter camera. He cameras are arranged diagonally, which provides a new look while the earlier version has vertical cameras. The wide shooter camera can stretch up to 120 degrees and will provide you a solid angle. The quality of the camera is also improved and it can provide you much clear photos in the dark also. He Cinematic mode is new where users can enjoy some amazing video quality and depth in the camera. The front camera will be the same 12 MP as it was earlier.

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Specs and Performance

The iPhone 13 series comes with A15 Bionic chip site inside, which claims that the GPU will be 50% faster than the competition phones.  It additionally incorporates another 16-center Neural Engine that is fit for 15.8 trillion activities consistently. These handsets are additionally 5G-viable, similar to the iPhone 12 series. You’ll have the alternative of 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of capacity in the iPhone 13 couple – Apple has at last disposed of its 64GB choice for its lead iPhones, and that implies more capacity in the least expensive variation.

Specs and Performance
Specs and Performance

Battery Life

The Apple company had claimed that the battery life of this 13 series will be 90 minutes longer than their previous version, which is a good things for all the users. It means that the battery of iPhone 13 will run for almost 2.5 hours longer than iPhone 12.

As far as explicit life, the iPhone 13 little can evidently oversee as long as 17 hours of video playback, while the iPhone 13 is supposed to be equipped for 19 hours. This has generally been accomplished by an assortment of enhancements through the A15 chipset and iOS 15 programming. Apple presently can’t seem to affirm the size of the battery in the iPhone 13 models, and it’s improbable we’ll realize that until somebody opens up a handset and discovers physically.

The only demerit of iPhone 13 is that users need to purchase a new charger because it doesn’t comes with a new charger. If you have iPhone 12 then charger then it is a great thing because it will get charge through it.

iphone 13 pro Battery Life
iphone 13 pro Battery Life

The Best Premium Things to Buy: What Costs the Most and Is Worth It

The Best Premium Things to Buy: What Costs the Most and Is Worth It The Best Premium Things to Buy: What Costs the Most and Is Worth It

What Is the Meaning of Premium

If you think “premium” when you hear a product, it means it’s expensive. That’s the end of the definition. Let’s take a closer look. We’ve all heard the term “premium.” Someone starts a conversation with, “Have you heard about…” then mentions a pricey new phone, a pricey new car, or a pricey new pair of sunglasses. Some things that are supposed to be pricey end up being average or even inexpensive in actual dollar terms. That’s because the definition of “premium” varies from place to place. What does “premium” mean in India? It’s defined differently than it is in the United States. In China, premium typically means a lot of bling. Many things are expensive in the US because we live in a country with relatively low labor costs, land costs, and production costs.

The Best Premium Things to Buy
The Best Premium Things to Buy


A List of Some Things That Are Worth It

Now that we’ve covered the boring items that most people would associate with ‘good quality’, we’re going to go a little deeper and talk about some of the pricier items that are worth buying but may also be a little out of the norm for most of us. So, without further ado, here’s our list of some premium items to get a close-up look at: Premium Paints “It’s all the way from the factory. None of the crap you’ll see in the $5 range.” When we initially read that Jeff sent us the email above, we took a moment to think about how often we’ve been to big box stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s that sells paint at a discounted price.


As it turns out, food is complicated. It’s also one of the things we spend the most money on. To see how we spent our money, we looked at the top items we purchased (based on monetary spend) in 2017, and found that neither “bread and butter” groceries or luxury goods came out on top. While some foods—like coffee, wine, and beer—are fairly inexpensive, they are just one component of a fuller lifestyle. Our top purchases were food staples (like bread and butter, lunch meat, and hummus), luxury items (like air conditioning, bicycles, and dining out), and time-saving gadgets (like refrigerators and ovens). Here’s how much our purchases cost. Want more? We rounded up the best men’s, women’s, and kids’ sneakers, bags, outerwear, and more.

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