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Let’s understand How To Hack Facebook Account. As we have seen, peoples are very active on social media platforms and uploading their good memories and many more things. But we need to be very careful all the time because the hackers are minded and they can easily Hack Facebook account without letting you know.

Facebook is a popular social media platform where millions of users are coming daily and Hack Facebook is always a big problem for all the users because we will not have the access to our account when it gets Hack Facebook. It will be very risky because the hacker can do anything with your account, they can chat with your know people and make them your enemy without knowing you. So today we will discuss more about Hack Facebook so that we can always careful.

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How to Hack Facebook Account?

There are numerous ways to Hack Facebook account, so let us discuss some of the popular ways to Hack Facebook account –

# Phishing

Phishing is the most popular and commonly used tactic by hackers to hack a Facebook account. Here, the hacker will send a Facebook page in front of your screen, which will look very similar to the original Facebook page. Now they will tell you to fill in the login credentials, when you will fill in all the details, you are stuck in their plan because now they know your email and password. This hacking is done via mail where the hacker will get all the login details. The hacking is possible because the duplicate page looks like the original and we just fill in the details without thinking twice.

# Keylogging

Keylogging is the most dangerous hacking way in which a user will be fully unknown about their tracked activities. Keylogging is a type of malware that will collect all the data from your phone. There will be a virus that will start downloading in your phone without letting you know and even you will be unknown when your activities track and got all the data from your phone. When you will write something, the hacker will be able to see the typing texts and then they will be able to use that info to hack your Facebook account.

# Hack Stored Passwords

As we have seen many peoples store their passwords in password manager in their browsers so that it will be convenient to use them anytime. But we think this is not a great idea to save the passwords in it because the hackers know this thing very well and they target on the password manager. They will get access to it easily and steal all the information without any notification. So we have a recommendation to save all the passwords at a safe place instead of a password manager so that your information can be secured.

Where do I report hacked Facebook?

facebook hack

We may face a situation where we are facing that our Facebook account can hack anytime and that’s why we need to take strict action against that. So if we are facing any issue related to this then just follow the steps we have given below.

  • At first, you need to go to Facebook.com in your browser and then fill in the details like Email and password to continue.
  • Then just tap on the Menu bar and then click on the Account section and then choose Help Centre.
  • Now just tap on the option of popular topics and then tap on the Security option.
  • Then you will be able to see the option of ‘ I think my account is compromised’ just tap on it.
  • Now just tap on the secure account and then tap on the continue button to finalize the process.
  • Now it will ask some basic questions, you just need to fill in all the details and tap on the Continue button to secure your account.

That’s it, in this way, you will be able to report hackers to Facebook and you can secure your account with ease. So now let us know how to report a friend’s Facebook account hack report.

  • At first, you need to Sign In to your account and then tap on the Account section in the Menu bar.
  • Now just tap on the Help centre to proceed.
  • Then tap on the Security option in the Popular topics option.
  • Now just tap on the option ‘ I think my friend’s account is compromised.
  • Then you need to choose any 3 questions and file a report.
  • Now fill in your friend’s full name, his birthday, and the email associated with that account.
  • Now just tap on the Submit button to finish the process.


Now let us know how can we recover our Facebook account, which is hacked by someone. Most of the peoples are using Facebook on their mobile phones, so let us know how to recover our Facebook account on our mobile phones. Just follow the steps carefully as we have given below.


How to Recover Your Facebook Account


Can someone Hack Facebook without knowing password?

The direct answer is Yes, but this process is a bit complicated for the hackers. They can Hack Facebook account but they have to use some tactics. The main method is to Hack Facebook account with the stored cookies in your browser, they can get access to it, and can hack account during different sessions.

The hackers who works remotely can install the key logger in your system and can track all the activities easily. They will track all of your activities and when you will fill the email and password at the time of login then they can see the password and input it at any session.

Hackers can also Hack Facebook account with the help of some viruses and they can transfer those malware to your system and there are many websites where we have applied the setting of auto-fill password. Those viruses can help the hackers to know all of your auto-fill saved password from your phone easily. That’s why we need to be very careful all the time to protect our Facebook account.

CONCLUSION So that’s all about the Hack Facebook, we have given the complete information about Hack Facebook, how it happens, and what to do when we stuck in this situation. Still, if you have any doubts then you can tell us in the comment section.

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