Discuss the meaning ,definition and nature of sosiology

Sociology is a discipline in social sciences concerned with the human society and human social activities. It is one of the youngest social sciences. Auguste Comte, a French social thinker, is traditionally known as the ‘Father of Sociology’ as he coined the term ‘Sociology’ in 1839.

Development of sociology

socicology is a modern science auguste comte made it posterior to other science. although,it is true that ideas relevent to modern sosciology are  present in the writings of philosophers ,religious teacher and legislators af all civilizations. nevertheless ,new science of society was created in the nineteenth centrury

the circumstances in which mordern sociology  appeared are very interesting .the political philosophy the philosophy of history biological theories of evolution and the movements for social candition .thus social surveys provided important elementes to the development of socicology

Meaning of sociology

sociology is the science of social life of man and has society there are the central of objects of all sociology studies.the nature and characteristic of the object of all sociology studies .the nature and characterristic of the objects of study cast their reflection on the science of sociology .the turmoil of changes in the patterns of society and he inter relastionship of human beings are important subjects of sociology .out underneath the waves of changes lie the more potent undercurrents which resist  changes in their coure ,even face of hand resistances .

and  the complexity of human inter relationship is based ,by some  mysterious law of natrue .upon some very unchanging foundations

Areas of study

it studies thoes elements of human society which are by and large indepeant of the time and place .on the other hand .it takes into other accounts thoes elements in society which are overhanging and alaways varying

it can threfore ,be summed up that sociology is intrested both in the cof hanging mode of society and its inherent stability .cp operation and conflict ,competition and equality ,universality and transitoriness such are the elements which make up the field sociology studies and investigations

Definitions of sociology


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